Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Style and New Couches

We FINALLY found some couches! We started looking at Woodstock Furniture Outlet in Acworth, which is my favorite place to find furniture by the way. On our first trip, I found several couches that I really liked but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger just yet. We also looked at Bassett, Ashley, American Signature, Havertys, and just about everywhere else that sold couches. There was one Ashley couch that I kept going back to but wasn't sure if we should buy it or not because I'm extremely indecisive when it comes to furniture. So I took my mom with me one day and she picked out the Ashley couches without even knowing they were the ones I liked! I took that as a sign and decided to buy them! Even better, the Ashley couches were $100 cheaper at Woodstock Furniture Outlet than they were at the Ashley store. I love a good bargain!

I haven't taken any pictures of the couches in our living room, so a stock photo will have to do for now. I keep forgetting to bring my good camera to our new house!

I LOVE our new couches and they even come with all those pillows! I probably won't use all the pillows because I'm not going for the blue/brown look, but I was excited to get them for free nonetheless. We decided to get two couches instead of a couch and loveseat. The loveseat was too small and we have enough room in our living room to fit two couches. They fit perfectly in our living room and look great against our newly painted walls.

Now on to another subject, the style of the living room. I want it to be traditional but still stylish. I want a Pottery Barn/Ballard Designs look, but I want to do it on a budget. I'll be doing a lot of refinishing, reupholstering, and other "do-it-yourself" kind of things. I love finding a good deal or even finding furniture at Goodwill and refinishing it to make it new and pretty. It just kills me to pay so much for things at Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, etc. when you can find the exact same thing for so much cheaper. My favorite decorating store is Home Goods because they always have such good prices and a great selection! I'm also beyond obsessed with I order everything from wireless routers to area rugs on Amazon. Not too long ago, I ordered a 9x11 rug for $150 with free shipping and it was excellent quality and really pretty!

Anna (my sister) made me a design board of what I'm trying to achieve in the living room:

We have been extremely busy doing stuff to the house. We painted our closet and are about 75% done painting the master bedroom, moved Andrew in, hung up the TV, bought a chandelier, and tons more. Hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera next time I'm at the house so I can take pictures and write more blog posts!

Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Navy...

This blog title is brought to you courtesy of my sister Anna and the Village People. When I was putting together dining room pictures for the blog, Anna started singing "In the Navy"and it has been stuck in my head since yesterday. Why, you ask, does my dining room remind Anna of a Village People song? Because it's navy!

I honestly don't know where I got the idea to paint our dining room navy. I think my obsession with the color started when we began planning the wedding. Our main wedding color is, you guessed it, navy! It just goes with so many other colors like silver, yellow, red, green, etc.

From day one of seeing the house, I knew I wanted our first big project (besides painting) to be the dining room. In my own words, I wanted "really tall molding with squares and the crown stuff on top of the molding and the walls to be navy"...if you can't tell, I use really technical decorating terms.

Luckily, I'm engaged to an extremely talented guy who knows how to put up "really tall molding". It really is awesome to have such a handy future husband. Throughout college, Andrew and several of his friends worked for a friend who owned a small business doing tile and remodeling. I always tell Andrew that he and his friends should flip houses (when the market comes back, of course) because between all of them they can tile, put in hardwood floors, plumbing, electrical, etc. It took Andrew and his friend Brandon a few days, but they did an amazing job with the molding and it's exactly what I had pictured in my head.

Before I post the before and after pictures, I want to show you the paint we used. I took the after pictures in the evening and we have a crappy light fixture in there that gives off zero light so the pictures are a little dark. The paint looks black in some of the pictures, but I promise it's's navy!

We picked a Martha Stewart color, but the Behr paint was cheaper so the nice people at Home Depot color matched and we were able to get Behr.

Here are the Before pictures:

And now for the After pictures:

It seriously looks like a different room!! Thanks Andrew and Brandon for all the hard work! :)

I'm using my grandmother's old dining room table and recovering the chairs. We also recently bought a new silver chandelier so we'll have more light. The room is slowly but surely coming together. I'll post more pictures once we get the chandelier hung and the chairs recovered.

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! The weekend is almost here!