Friday, March 18, 2011

Camera Issues and Ebates

I have a ton of stuff I need to post on the blog but I have a small camera has been dead for about a month. I have looked EVERYWHERE but I can't find the charger! I really really didn't want to buy a new charger because they are rather expensive, but I finally sucked it up and bought one yesterday. I found one on for $4 (including shipping)!! I love a good bargain! It's not a Canon brand charger, but whatever, it'll do.

One thing I've been meaning to write about is It's one of my favorite websites and I use it ALL the time. If you shop online a lot, you need to be using this website. All you have to do is create an ebates account and whenever you want to buy something online, find the store on ebate's website and click "Shop Now" and it will take you to the retailer's website. Ebates tracks what you buy through the retailer's website and they give you a percentage back on your purchase. You can get anywhere from 1% to 20% back on a purchase. For example, I wanted to buy my wedding save the dates from Ebates was offering 8% cash back if you went through them first, so I went to, found Shutterfly's store page, clicked "Shop Now" and then created my save the dates and bought them. They cost about $150, but since I went through ebates, I got 8% cash back which equaled about $12. Every two or three months, ebates transfers whatever money is in your cash back account to your checking account or they will write you a check.

Find your store and click Shop Now.

You're taken to this page where it shows that it's tracking you and then you're taken to whatever website you plan to purchase something from.

It doesn't sound like that much, but if you get in the habit of always going through ebates, it will definitely add up. Most of the time I will go to a store, find what I want, then order it online through ebates. I found a washer and dryer at Home Depot that I wanted so I ordered it online and Home Depot had 5% cash back if you went through ebates, so of course I did and I ended up getting about $60 back. Gap just had a big sale with ebates where you could get 20% cash back! They also have free shipping codes or sale promo codes. Needless to say, I love this website and hundreds of stores partner with ebates so you can get cash back for just about anything you buy!

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