Monday, May 9, 2011

Old chairs, New look

I FINALLY finished a project!! 1 project down, 80 million to go.

In our dining room, we're using my Grandmom's old dining table and china cabinet. This set was originally my parent's and is about as old as I am. It still looks great so I'm very happy to use it, not to mention buying a new one would cost way too much. There was just one thing I didn't really like, the fabric on the chairs. So, I decided to recover the chairs in a new fabric with the help of my handy sister (thanks, Anna!).

I started out by buying my fabric from I probably should have measured the chairs before I bought the fabric because I bought WAY too much! I bought 8 yards of fabric when all I needed was about 3. Not sure what I'm going to do yet with all my extra fabric! I ordered the fabric back in March, but it was on back order and of course the company didn't tell me that until after I bought it! Not cool.

After it finally arrived (a month later!!), Anna and I got to work! As with everything else in my house, it was a bit harder than anticipated. I thought it would only take about an hour to re-cover 6 chairs but it ended up taking around 4 hours. As I said earlier, the chairs are really old and have been re-covered a few other times so the nails holding in the cushion were mostly stripped. It took quite a bit of work to get the cushions off the chairs. Now to the before and afters:



The fabric on the chairs isn't that bad, I just wanted them to match the blue and white walls in the dining room.

Anna getting the nails out.

That's me!




Here's the whole dining room with the china cabinet in the back. I still need to get some napkins to put on the placemats but that shouldn't be hard because I think I'm just going to use white ones with pretty napkin rings. Also, I got this awesome huge glass vase that I just put on the table yesterday! I'll post some pictures of that in my next post because I'm obsessed with it.

Overall, it wasn't that hard and I got to use my favorite staple gun! I paid about $40 for all the fabric but if I would have measured at all better it probably would have only cost $18-$20. Lesson learned.

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